I have a sore back - would a Simba Hybrid® help?

We're not medical professionals, and we can't judge what's right for your back. All we can say is that we've received huge amounts of positive feedback from sleepers who tell they've suffered from aches and pains and that they feel that their Simba mattress has helped them to finally achieve a great night’s sleep.

One of the innovations you might find helps if you're looking for support and comfort is our spring layer. Our springs are lighter and finer than traditional chunky bedsprings, so you won't get that poking-in feeling. And they're made to a patented, cone-shaped design which hugs every point of the body and pivots and flexes to distribute your weight fully for pressure relief. If you think that might be what you're looking for, then remember we also offer a 100 night trial so you can really put it to the test.