How Much Do The Mattresses Weigh?

Depending on the type and size, the weight of our mattresses vary. Just take a look at which mattress you are looking for from the list below to check in on the weight. The weights are for the mattress only and don't include the box. 

Simba Hybrid® Essential Mattress

Single 14 kg

Small Double 18 kg

Double 21 kg

King 23 kg

Simba Hybrid® Mattress

Single 21 kg

Small Double 28 kg

Double 32 kg

King 39 kg

Superking 48 kg

Simba Hybrid® Pro Mattress

Single 26 kg

Small double 35 kg

Double 40 kg

King 49 kg

Superking 59 kg

Simba Hybrid® Luxe Mattress

Single 28 kg

Small double 38 kg

Double 43 kg

King 52 kg

Superking 60 kg

Simba Hybrid® Ultra Mattress

Single 37 kg

Small double 45 kg

Double 51 kg

King 57 kg

Superking 69 kg

Simbatex® Essential Foam Mattress

Single 13.3 kg

Double 19.35 kg

King 22.35 kg

Superking 26.85 kg

Simbatex® Foam Mattress

Single 20.85 kg

Small Double 27.35 kg

Double 28.85 kg

King 33.85 kg

Superking 40.35 kg

Simba Hybrid® Kids Mattress

14.95 kg