I usually get warm at night, will a Simba mattress be suitable for me?

Pretty much every layer in our Simba Hybrid® range has been designed to promote air flow and cooling - something you won't find in foam stack from the likes of some of our competitors. Looking at it from top to bottom:

  • The super soft sleep surface is built to be breathable - the higher up the range you go, the plusher the feel
  • Our unique Simbatex® layer of foam with an open cell structure and graphite to let air flow through.  With reduced VOC's all our foams are TCPP free (meaning less odour) and pro-planet!
  • Our Aerocoil® springs aren't just a special, these unique and patented little heroes are designed to individually respond to the shape of your body (without motion transfer) for best in class pressure relief - they also act like little bellows to move warm air through and out of the mattress for improved temperature regulation.
  • With up to 1000 springs in our SupportCore™ Base, each works to increase breathability throughout the mattress and is another route for heat to escape. (The Hybrid® Essential mattress has a foam base with little grooves, releasing air out of the base. 
  • The woven fabric around the base of the mattress is also designed for (you guessed it) air flow!

Basically, we've designed a pretty cool mattress and anyone who says otherwise is full of hot air.