I have allergies. Is Simba suitable?

We design with every sleeper in mind, so most Simba products are suitable for sufferers of most common allergies. To help, we've also recently launched our new Simba-Pure foams which is free of TCPP as well as Bisphenols and Parabens to name just a few. 

If you have a specific allergy you're not sure about, please jump on our LiveChat. As a quick guide:

  • Mattresses & Topper: The sleep surface is hypoallergenic. Our Simbatex layer is made of our Simba-Pure foam which is TCPP free and doesn't contain any latex, however it but does contain cooling graphite. There is a layer of British wool in our Pro mattress and Bamboo wool in our Luxe which has natural anti-bacterial properties.

The exception to this is the Hybrid GO (Green Organic) mattress which does also have a anti allergenic top layer but does contain latex. 

  • Bed linen: Our mattress protector includes a mix of cotton and waterproof polyurethane.
  • Bedding: Our Hybrid Pillow & Duvet have fibre fill and cotton cover so are hypoallergenic also.