Can I get more information on how many instalments are left and pay the balance off?

We at Simba only have access to basic information about your loan agreement, so for any details about this or if you need to make any changes we would recommend contacting the lender directly. Contact details can be found on the agreement paperwork otherwise, give us a shout and we can point you in the right direction. They can assist you with paying off the balance too.

For a breakdown of contact information see below:
I applied for financing with DivideBuy: Please log into your DivideBuy account or contact them directly, by phone on 0800 0850885, live chat on their website here or email

I applied for financing with Klarna: The quickest and easiest way to view your balance is to login to the Klarna app or you can reach out to their customer services team here

I paid using Splitit: Please either log in to your Splitit account or contact us directly if you need to chat about your payment plan.