How would you describe the firmness of the pillow?

We'll let you answer this question! The firmness of each Simba Hybrid® pillow can be varied depending on personal preference and all you need to do to switch this up is add or remove the Nanocubes.

Suggested fill for preferred comfort levels are:

  • Firm=640g (entire bag)
  • Medium=520g (remove 4-6 handfuls)
  • Low=450g (remove 8-10 handfuls)

While firmness is a tricky one to categorise as it's down to the individual.

The Simba Hybrid® 3-in-1 Pillow can be easily adapted to the level of firmness that will suit you perfectly. Arriving as 3 separate pillows which can be adapted to make 1 pillow, the way you position each pillow into the case lets you choose between medium, medium firm and firm. 

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