Didn't you sell a different duvet? Why did you change it?

At Simba we always dream up the most innovative ways to solve the problems that get in the way of great sleep - so our bedding has always been designed to tackle overheating, a common one. At the same time we also listen closely to consumer feedback, like requests to stop using animal products like feather and down in our bedding.

So we've made some changes to our duvet and pillow to deliver even better range including:

- Using Stratos™ temperature regulation technology, which can be applied to a 100% cotton cover for even greater breathability.
- Using a new mineral-enriched fibre fill that actively dissipates heat. It doesn't use animal products and is 100% recycled, making it hypoallergenic and more sustainable.
- Sourcing cotton via the Better Cotton Initiative, which promotes more sustainable and higher welfare cotton production.

Our original range was a game-changer when it launched, and we'll stay at the cutting edge of helping you sleep better.