What's the difference between your mattresses, how do I choose?

No matter which Simba Hybrid® Mattress you choose, you'll always experience gravity-defying cooling comfort with our patented titanium Aerocoil® spring-comfort layer. The difference lies in the layers and the number of springs in each.

The Essential has 4 layers and up to Aerocoil® 1500 springs, the Hybrid has five layers and up to 2000 springs, the Pro has seven layers and up to 4000 springs, and then the Luxe model has up to 5000 including both our patented titanium alloy Aerocoil® springs as well as high carbon steel Aerocoil® springs for unbeatable support and airflow. 

As you move up the range, across the additional layers you'll find enhanced innovation and engineering to support the Simba Sleep experience. Those added springs and layers mean even more responsive support, even better heat regulation and ultimately an even more comfy night's sleep.

The SupportCore™ Base, which can be found in the Hybrid, Pro & Luxe includes up to 1000 tempered steel springs. These work together offering support up to each corner, allowing you to sleep right at the very edge should you wish to. They help the mattress breath and each spring works independently offering pressure relief. 

New to our Hybrid range is the Simba Hybrid® Ultra Mattress with our highest spring count ever, up to 7500 Aerocoils® along with layers unique to the Ultra. Layers include the Thermo-regulating FusionCool™ layer. Our own blend of kapok, wool & bamboo for an extra coolingtop layer. Another being  support boosting PureLift®. A unique blend of latex & coconut for superb, natural support & breathability.

Other additions to our range are our budget friendly Simbatex® Foam mattresses, at a lower price point compared to our Hybrids. Although you wont find the Aerocoil® spring-comfort layer in the Simbatex® mattresses, you will find our open-cell Simbatex® foam. There's now a Simba for a wider range of needs and budgets.

You can find more information comparing the range in the following link here

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