How does Splitit work with a debit card?

Splitit can also be used with a debit card however, the only payment term available is 3 months.

This service is free, involves no credit checks or applications and is available for any orders £350 or over. While only the first instalment is charged, your card does need to have the full order balance available in order to be approved. Let's take a look at an example -

  1. You make a Simba order worth £600 and choose to use your debit card to spread the cost over 3 months
  2. At the time of ordering your card is checked for the full £600 and this is taken from your card and immediately refunded (excluding the first instalment). Depending on your card provider, the refund will show anywhere from a couple of minutes to up to 5 days.
  3. Only the first instalment will taken and not refunded, in this example that is £200.
  4. At the same time for the following 2 months the instalments will be taken until the balance is cleared.