How do I look after my bed base?

We recommend the following to extend the life of your new Simba bed base;

  • Use a vacuum cleaner or soft brush to remove surface dust on a weekly basis.
  • Keep your upholstered furniture away from direct sunlight or heat to avoid any material distortion or fading.
  • Surface fuzz and pilling can occur over time and is a natural characteristic. This can be minimised through regular cleaning care.
  • Try to prevent dragging furniture across the floor as this will stress the joints and may damage your floor.
  • Do not stand or jump on your bed.
  • Periodically check that there are no loose fittings on your furniture.

For Fabrics on the bed bases specifically;

  • Our fabrics will sustain normal wear and tear with general use.
  • Fabrics are woven from fibres and colours which may differ ever so slightly from one batch to another.
  • Sharp items such as toys, buckles and pet claws can snag the fabric.
  • Do not pull at threads as it may lead to a bigger hole. It is better to try and push the thread back into the fabric or cut it off with a pair of sharp scissors.
  • Hair products, hair dye and body lotions can damage and may permanently mark the fabric.
  • Velvet and chenille fabrics are pile fabrics which may show pressure marks and shade variations to the fabric surface through normal use. This is a characteristic of the fabric. Vacuuming and gently brushing the pile in the opposite direction will help lift the pile.

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