Do i need to be in when you remove my old mattress?

Yes, you do. Our partners will be happy to remove your mattress from any room, but someone will need to let us in.

Our mattress removal service takes place at the same time as delivery of your new Simba and costs just £50; just select the ‘Standard Delivery With Old Mattress Removal’ option at checkout. If there is more than one mattress being ordered, the courier will collect the same number of mattresses for the cost of £50.

Before delivery of your new mattress, we will send you one of our handy mattress bags, which will arrive via DPD local. You just need to remove your bedding and bag the mattress on the day of delivery. This is just to ensure that the mattress is kept dry and easily transportable. 

We also offer a VIP delivery service with old mattress removal. With this option the crew would bring the bag with them and bag the mattress for you. The cost of this service is £100. 

Do please note that the courier will also only remove the same number of mattresses that have been delivered to you (so for example, if you bought two, we can only collect two)

Even if you aren't planning to order a mattress from us, we can still arrange a collection of your old mattress as part of our recycling service. Details as to this stand-alone service can be found here